Learning with Zeitspace

Waterloo Region offers plenty of opportunities to learn. Here are some that matter to us here at Zeitspace.

User story mapping session, with plenty of sticky notes.

The Zeitspace Sessions

It’s our very own series of hands-on learning opportunities, specially crafted to deliver all the learning goodness you’d expect from the Zeitspace team. It’s open to everyone. Well, everyone who will fit in the room, anyway. Join us!

Zeitspace’s team delivers these sessions.

A speaker on stage presenting to an audence at Fluxible.


Fluxible is Canada’s UX Festival. Held annually in September, it's a mix of insightful talks, workshops, meet-ups, and more, all presented with a distinctive style and a mix of special ingredients. Zeitspace is a sponsor of Fluxible. Hope to see you there one day!

Zeitspace’s Mark Connolly is the co-chair of Fluxible.

A group of people around a table.

Lean Product Waterloo

Lean Product Waterloo is for entrepreneurs, product managers, designers, marketers or anyone practicing or interested in applying Lean Startup, Customer Development, and Lean UX to design and develop products that customers love.

Zeitspace’s Jeff Fedor is the co-organizer of Lean Product Waterloo.

uxWaterloo event with a speaker and audience.


Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or hoping to get your career started, uxWaterloo welcomes anyone with an interest in user experience (UX) design. We meet once a month and engage in a range of activities such as presentations, workshops, and informal meetups over food and drink.

Zeitspace’s Mark Connolly is the co-organizer of uxWaterloo.