Working with Zeitspace

Zeitspace is a software product design and development consultancy.

We know what it’s like when you have a vision for your product, yet you don’t have the resources to make it reality. Wherever your company is on its journey, we can help you deliver your product. We use an agile approach that provides the flexibility to change course on a project as well as the accountability of seeing weekly demos and deliverables. And we make it lean, creating only what you need for your product, with no time wasted on other stuff.

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Have an idea and want to make sure you’re on the right path? Zeitspace can develop a product strategy that not only de-risks your solution but also ensures it is solving the right problems for your business. We’ll help you identify high need, high value problems to solve. With the problem identified, we’ll develop a validated strategy that both de-risks your product but also gives you a measurable opportunity with metrics to confirm and iterate toward product-market fit.

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Zeitspace can design a great user experience that will deliver on the promise of your product. How? We discover and make visible the things that matter to the people who will use your product. From paper and pencil sketches through to high fidelity interactive prototypes and everything in between, we then define and make real the experience that those people will have with your product. And ongoing testing during a product lifecycle ensures that we maintain a focus on their needs and experience while moving your product forward.

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Whether your product is a native iOS or Android app, or a specialized enterprise web application, or a UI for a hardware system, Zeitspace develops software that delivers on your vision and business needs. Our approach to design and software development is naturally collaborative. We deliver appealing, high value software that enable the people who use your product to achieve their goals while avoiding unnecessary technological complexity. Zeitspace uses an agile approach to deliver the highest value to you every week: you prioritize what we develop and our team demonstrates the new functionality that we create.

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